Top 10 Digital Ballast to buy

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1. Quantum 1000 Watt Dimmable Electronic Ballast
2. SolisTek Matrix 1000w Digital Ballast
3. SolisTek 1000/750/600W Digital Ballast 120/240V
4. SolisTek 1000/750/600W Digital Ballast 120/240V
5. Nanolux Dimmable Digital 1000W Grow Light Ballast
6. Apollo Horticulture APL1000 Hydroponic 1000 – Watt HPS MH Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast
7. iPower GLBLST1000D Digital Ballast for Grow Light, 1000-watt
8. Quantum 600 Watt Dimmable Electronic Ballast
9. SolisTek 600W Digital Ballast
10. Apollo Horticulture GLK600GW19 600 Watt Grow Light Digital Dimmable HPS MH System for Plants Gull Wing Hood Set”,

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