The Technocrat Retrofit of London

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The Technocrat Retrofit of London occurs circa 2070, and marks a return to the community driven sustainable way of living so often romanticised by architects, but with the help of less fashionable technology and top-down systems of government. The stock market has crashed and the pound has moved into hyper-inflation. Banks are deserted. The mayor of London negotiates with a powerless central government to transform the square mile into a contained self-sufficient Technocratic state.

Buildings are retrofitted to create a sustainable self-sufficient community. Aerostats above the city support tethered wind turbines in the polar jet stream, supplying electricity to the Technate. Sunlight is the most scarce resource in the city, so a canopy of hydroponic greenhouses covers the Technate. Many existing buildings are used to house industrial and agricultural processes, located and inter-linked for efficiency and reuse of waste products.

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