The farm in a tunnel 100ft beneath London

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Two entrepreneurs Richard Ballard and Steven Dring have set up a 2.5 acre crop farm below the Northern Line, near Clapham North in London.

The first test garden, which has been up and running for a few months as part of a commercial project called Growing Underground, backed by television chef Michel Roux junior.

The “farm” itself consists of table-height beds of hemp in which salads and herbs are being grown hydroponically. That means nutrient-rich water floods the beds once a day before being slowly drained away, with no soil involved in the process. Above each bed are strips of special low energy LED lights.

They use special low energy LED bulbs and an integrated hydroponics system to grow a range of micro-herbs, shoots, miniature vegetables and other delicacies to be sold to restaurants, supermarkets and wholesalers

The advantage of being underground is it is insulated, so the temperature can be kept stable and the rent is considerably less than if they used on a normal warehouse in central London.

The pair plan to grow a range of herbs, shoots, vegetables to sell to restaurants.

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