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Hi, my name is Alex and you’re here at the Grow Show today. We’re going to be talking about simple nutrient lines. We’re going to start with General Hydroponics. This is a three part based nutrient. You need all three of these to start. A percentage of each one of these will be going into your nutrient solution, creating a perfect balance of nutrients for your plant substrate. We’ll start out with FloraGro, FloraMicro and FloraBloom. These will give you all the essential elements your plants will need for continual growth in hydroponic or soil systems. This is a three part line that starts with a base and can be expanded to a six part line. The six part line includes FloraBlend which is a Vegan Plant Booster, Liquid Kool Bloom for fruit and flower development and Floralicious Plus for an organic boost enhancement. For a super boost, you’re looking for products like Sub Culture – B and Sub – Culture M. These are root inoculants that promote large root development. Bigger roots equal bigger plants. This entire line of General Hydroponics is available in all sizes ranging from pints all the way through gallons, two and a halfs and six gallon bottles. This is all available at our Ann Arbor store location at 4095 Stone School Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan or on the web TheGrowShow.org.

Halifax Hydroponics – How long should water my plants for in an ebb & flow system?


We’re checking in on the Kratky hydroponic lettuce. This is the setup that doesn’t use any type of aeration or water pump. Therefore, no electricity is neede…

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How To Build Your Own Aquaponics System – Aquaponics 4 You



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http://bit.ly/backyardaquaponicssystem. How to build your own aquaponics system. Grow organic vegetables in your backyard. Aquaponics produces 10 times the plants, while using only 2% of the water that traditional gardening requires.

http://www.steveshydroponics.ca Indoor hydroponic gardening can provide your family with fresh herbs and vegetables all year round. Growing vegetables indoors is easy.

Whether you’re new to the world of hydroponics or you simply want to save a bit of money, setting up a homemade hydroponics system is a great way to garden well and teach others just how amazing this technique is

While many see conventional gardening as a pleasant past time, others see it as an expensive hassle.

http://www.steveshydroponics.ca Hydroponic Winter Gardens – Indoor hydroponic gardening can provide your family with fresh herbs and vegetables all year round. Growing food indoors is easy, relaxing and fun.

this is great it helped me alot wen i started taut id share it.

http://wanna-info.com/hydroponic-gardening/ Imagine a garden that doesn’t require weeding, tilling or cultivating, the spreading of fertilizer or compost, an…

This is an easy DIY beginners setup that I copied from Dale @ mediamakers2000 channel. I took a coffee can, small air stone& some hydro nutrients. Its a very…

DIY, easy does it, self watering system for pot plants. This irrigation method requires no dripping tubes, sprinklers or what so ever. Chilli peppers starrin…

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